csaVolume 9 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is out on DVD now! I can’t believe I have a whole shelf of my DVD collection dedicated to this incredible show, and it’s kind of a bummer knowing that some of the best episodes may never see light of day thanks to rights issue (Time of the Apes, RIP).

But let’s be glad for what we have, and what we have is a tremendous set this time around. The films are spread pretty evenly across the show’s many eras: Women of the Prehistoric Planet, Wild Rebels, The Sinister Urge (an Ed Wood film!) and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies. As always the good folks at Rhino have created a wonderful package, and this time some of the episodes come with introductions from people involved in the original films.

We’re giving away five copies of MST3K Vol 9, and I want you to win. How can you do this? Simple.

One of the highlights of the early years of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was the Invention Exchange, when Joel, up on the Satellite of Love, and the Mads, down in Deep 13, traded funny and sometimes evil inventions, often based on that week’s movie. For example, in the Wild Rebels episode the Mads recreate the old-fashioned hobby horse into hobby hogs, in honor of the film’s motorcycle gang. Meanwhile, Joel takes Star Trek’s concept of 3D chess and makes 3D pizza trays. I want you to do an Invention Exchange of your own, but it has to be in some way about CHUD.com – it can be involving our columns, our forums, our writers, our Uncle Mitch. It just has to, in some way, relate back to CHUD.com. Be imaginative!

Send your Invention Exchange idea, along with your real name and your mailing address to me at devin@chud.com with MST3K9 in the subject line.