Aronofsky’s long-awaited The Fountain will finally be hitting screens on October 13 of this year. And when I say long-awaited, I’m not kidding – the movie has been years and years in the making; I remember writing about this sucker when I first came on board CHUD 5 or so years ago.

October’s an interesting choice for this film – it’s not really a great month in general. What I don’t know is if the movie will be platforming, and opening wider in the next month or so, during prime Oscar season. The buzz on this one is killer – “Like 2001 with emotions,” I’m hearing, and the words Hugh Jackman and Best Actor have been muttered in the same sentence, as have Darren Aronofsky and Best Screenplay.

I do hope that the October date is the limited release. Warner Bros has so far been great with this film, giving Aronofsky a ton of time to cut the movie – heck, they even had it featured at last year’s Comic Con, and I bet they’ll be bringing it back this year (maybe to screen it?). Let’s hope that the support the studio has given doesn’t evaporate in the 11th hour – every indication is that The Fountain will be a classic.