casThe first pictures of vehicles that will turn into giant sized robots in the live action Transformers movie have hit the internet. Some folks have gotten near some of the vehicles, including a bitchin’ Camaro, a cop car and a tank, and snapped a few shots. The motto on the side of the Decepticon cop car is “To Punish and Enslave,” and I can’t decide if that’s too on the nose to be funny. It is funny that the cop car is evil, though. It’s what I’ve been saying for years.

You can check out the picture here and here.

In other Transformers news, the original animated film is coming back to DVD in a special edition. There’s something about the Transformers animated movie that never ceases to touch the emotionally stunted and socially retarded among us. I see people talking about this cartoon as if knocking off a couple of robots was edgy (and by the way, I refuse to be in a room alone with anyone who, as an adult, gets emotional over the death of Optimus Prime. Ugh), and using the fact that Orson Welles was in it as proof of some level of quality. It’s actually sad that Welles’ last role was in this film, which was even worse than that one GI Joe miniseries where Cobra Commander became an actual snake.

Anyway, you can check out more info about the 20th anniversary edition of Transformers: The Movie here.