casWord is that Chris Tucker is illiterate (but boy can he do math – look at his Rush Hour 3 payday), so the idea of seeing him play a gangster who pretends to be a doctor when his parents visit and then decides to actually become a doctor to impress the woman he loves – well, shit, I’m just looking to see how good an actor Chris is when he essays the unfamiliar act of reading books.

The movie is Gangster MD, and it’s based on a Bollywood film called Munnabhai MBBS. Mira Nair is directing the film, and she revealed that Tucker will start working on her movie as soon as he finishes Rush Hour 3. She’s currently looking for an Indian actress to play Tucker’s love interest.

I’m actually surprised Tucker doesn’t do more remakes – he doesn’t have to have anyone read the script to him when he’s deciding whether to sign on!