It’s possible that my take on the teaser poster for The Grudge 2 is skewed by the fact that I thought the first film was a piece of shit and that the 400 previous Japanese versions were pieces of shit and that director Takashi Shimizu is a talentless waste who doesn’t even pretend to insert variation into his endless series of boring, lookalike, plotless pieces of shit.

But I don’t think so. I think the teaser poster for The Grudge 2 just objectively sucks – first of all, it looks like it could be a poster for the latest Scary Movie film. Secondly, why is this kid so shocked? Is he surprised that he has a 2 in his eyeball? You can’t blame him, I suppose. And third, it’s for a movie that’s a sequel to a piece of shit film that was based on a series of piece of shit Japanese films.

Head over to JoBlo to see the whole of this crummy poster.