.The Magazine: EMPIRE #187

The Pitch: The biggest and nest movie magazine in the world. Made in the UK. Huge. That’s all you need to know.

The Cost: $8.99
The Month: January
The Publisher: Same
Cover Story: Alexander

Main Interview: Jack Black


  • They give out a lot of four star ratings to deserving films.

  • Their
    coverage for movies, music, and stuff is great. There’s a really nice
    balance of artsy stuff and mainstream stuff and it’s all well written.

  • A great source for info on stuff you might have normally missed.

  • I never knew about the Teen Wolf penis!

  • I’ll be damned. I never found Christina Ricci (alien forehead alert!) attractive, but she looks damn good here.

  • Neat look at comic strips and their creators.

  • Willem Dafoe interviews Paul Bettany!

  • Inspired, unique mag layout.


  • They give out a lot of four star ratings, PERIOD.

  • Article on collectors will freak your dick off.


One of the better debuts in recent memory.