In the time it’s taken another Die Hard to come together, I could’ve (hyperbole alert) gone through police training, made detective, had my own improbable encounter with terrorists and shot my own movie about the experience.

After a decade of rumors (Justin Timberlake as John Jr.? Tony Jaa as the villain?) and false starts and screenwriters spun through the revolving door, John McClane is finally ready to take his Beretta 92F out of storage to deal with some more bad guys in Die Hard 4 (or whatever they eventually title it), and he’ll be guided by Underworld(s) director Len Wiseman.

An unexpected but interesting selection – say what you will about the Underworld movies (I’ll say they looked great and took themselves far too seriously) but it’s hard to deny Wiseman can shoot the hell out of a movie. Let’s hope he just finds the right tone, and dials down the filters.

With the Gruber family eradicated, McClane will now be coming out of retirement to face off against a group of computer hackers. That’s about all we know of the story at this point (the script apparently took place in New Orleans and was reworked to avoid any Katrina fallout), but the script comes from Doug Richardson, who has previous experience with similar material from Die Hard 2 and Hostage, itself a McClane movie in rural clothing.