DINOCROCRemember a little over fourteen years ago?

There were several things on television to impressionable young bastards, and Dinosaurs was one of them, Voltron reruns being another. Long since a TGIF staple (it’s only a matter of time before Hanging with Mr. Cooper arrives; hopefully), it had disappeared into time, a casualty of not a meteor, but public fickleness. Much like the decimation of a large beast, it does live on in several hooligans’ heads, including our own Ian, who reviewed Dinosaurs: The First and Second Seasons on DVD right here.

More importantly, does it hold up? Not that it was anything high art in its heyday, just a fun diversion from reading, writing, and scratching the faces of death into your arithmetic. I’ve mentioned before that nostalgia is a tricky mistress, so I am curious myself to see if it does indeed retain its entertaining over-the-top scenes that fired my fledgling imagination and sparked me off into a nasty dreamland of doom. Plus, I used to make my Mother cry shouting “not the Mama!” over and over until she called Child Services.

The question, in all of this, remains: do you want your own copy of Dinosaurs: The Complete First and Second Seasons on DVD? It’s so incredibly easy a Monkey could do it.

Just e-mail me your full NAME, complete MAILING ADDRESS, and DINOSAURS DVD in the subject line. Then –

Tell me a favorite dino-themed moment from your childhood.

And e-mail it to: contests.special.edition@gmail.com

Be creative. Make shit up. I don’t care. Just as long as I laugh or cry or even forward your e-mail to the FBI’s profiling department; all entries are accepted. Just make sure you follow the tiny little rules and then I won’t delete your furious typing skills. We’ve got a couple of these to give away and I think you could be fully emerged back into your own rotten existence with the Sinclair family. As such, this contest runs for exactly one week and then winners will be notified. Losers should grumble and hold a grudge.

Good luck!