Nerds think Lucas is a defiant man. They think he specifically ignores their pleas and continues to manipulate his films out of some blatant disregard for the fans, or worse, an actual malicious conspiracy to screw with them. None of these things are true, and they’re not true because Lucas doesn’t care what fans think. What most geeks fail to realize (at least, it seems) is that he doesn’t care out of some defiant maliciousness. They don’t realize how small they are. They are looking at the history of Star Wars from their very personal perspective, wherein they and all their friends have bitched and moaned about this kind of stuff for years. Lucas hasn’t been on your facebook, hasn’t sat in your basement with all of your friends, or crawled your message boards. He doesn’t have weekly discussions with a buddy about why he does these things. He sees sales figures and spreadsheets, and the world of Star Wars that he has lived in every day for decades. He sees cash. And when the American public votes with their dollars and makes the Star Wars Blu-Ray collection the most pre-ordered and best selling Blu-ray so far in the format’s history, well, he sees…

84 Million Dollars In One Week

…that quite effectively silences the tangential bitching he hears about CGI Jabba sometimes.

Nothing profound here. Just sayin.

And hey, if you want to add to that total by buying the set yourself, considering doing so through CHUD.

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