I like the premise of Man on a Ledge, I like that Sam Worthington seems to have finally found some range. I think it’s weird though, that the heist this film centers around seems like it’s being perpetrated by a group of twenty-somethings* (“You’re show bro.” “Let’s make it rain.”) going after a bizarrely proportioned Ed Harris. Elizab

All that said, it’s a fun trailer for a film that could be a light, good time at the movies. But I don’t think this is going to end up as anyone’s favorite heist film.

I had a good chuckle at how amidst all this edgy thriller business, suicide spectacle, threatening yelling, and edge-of-your-seat safe-cracking… just a single shot of pink lingerie sported by the intriguingly named Genesis Rodrigeuz slipped right in there…

To its credit, the film also has a nice poster. Ultra-wide lenses happen.

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*I’m aware that some or all of the actors are 30+