The first US reactions to The Human Centipede began leaking out last night as the film debuted at Fantastic Fest. At the risk of being reductive… they’re not good. While most critics seem to be tripping over themselves to emphasize how boring it is, and that you shouldn’t be provoked to see it by bad reviews because boring it’s boring. Others do admit that the film has something to say and is a decided satire, but this while maintaining that it is indeed terrible.

Regardless, the new poster above that debuted on /Film is pretty cool.  Must have been a fun photoshoot collecting all the images for that comp.


Cutting Edge Observation: This vaguely screenprint-influenced, high-concept poster for The Iron Lady weirds me out.

It’s a good concept and well-executed, but… well, I don’t guess I was ever going to be that excited by a poster for this film, so I suppose I should just appreciate the thought that went into it and that there’s a one-sheet out there with some visual subtext. So enjoy!


We also have a few other new images to debut– some bad, some weird. First up is an official image from Dark Shadows

Which is mostly notable because Johnny Depp doesn’t look like a Michael Jackson-style caked make-up freak. Some exceptionally dull cellphone photos from the set leaked in the weeks past with him looking especially pale and gaunt, which led many to draw the conclusion that Burton had turned this into another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sideshow. That still quite possible of course, but once again what is seen from hundreds of feet away and capture in cell-phone resolution rarely reflects anything like what you’ll ultimately see.


Next up is the worst.


And finally we have a bit of uninspired and blatantly-motivated marketing for The Rum Diary, reminding you that this quirky little mystery comedy stars the biggest actor in the world…

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