Nick and I saddled up to a deserted patio bar this week and talked about a whole bunch of shit. This is a laid back episode, but one in which we cover a lot of ground, and the silliness never far away. A lot of mediocre actions movies are discussed, including Abduction and Killer Elite. We also follow up on Moneyball and give our thoughts on the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trailer. You can also enjoy two solo segments: Nick discussing the Netflix/Qwikster controversy, and my thoughts on the stylish independent flick Bunraku (complete with an audio teaser of CHUD’s Ron Perlman interview). Also, it all ends rather violently, as you’ve probably come to expect.

This was such a full episode that we will even soon put out our first ever deleted scene! Check back here (or on our YouTube channel) on Monday to see it, SHIT’S LIVE! and consider it a celebration of our 25th consecutive episode since we first started this series with a silly little “pilot.” Thanks for watching each week- we appreciate each and every eyeball. If you’ll do all you can (via twitter, facebook, email, mountain shouting, rioting) to spread the word and get more eyeballs on it, we’ll appreciate it all the more!