I love this Chris Cunningham-style shot that flashes in both trailers.

I was fortunate enough to catch the ~8min sizzle reel of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo they showed in certain theaters last week, but never knew the plan for an online release of the footage would be. Turns out they’re sticking to their guns about not releasing it online, and have instead distilled the trailer down to a more manageable 3:45 version that achieves almost all of the same things. While you don’t get quite get to simmer in a few of the scenes for quite as long, the new look at the film that has popped up on Apple Trailers plants all the same story seeds and introduces the same characters as the @MouthTapedShut trailer. A few amazing shots were cut down or out, but it’s still a very well cut trailer with some beautiful footage. Check it out…

While the original teaser is an amazing introduction to the film –all burning intensity and propulsive energy– it’s great to see Fincher’s film is equally intriguing when presented as widely-scoped pulp mystery rather than just a short music video. From what I understand of the source material this largely maintains fidelity to Larson’s prose, but it’s undeniable that Fincher has brought his sophisticated filmmaking to the story and elevated it into something stylish and textured and cinematic. Let’s hope the script lives up.

I can’t wait. Can you?

If not, make sure you’re keeping up with the Mouth Taped Shut blog for interesting glimpses into the busy production. For example…

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