Yes, that’s right- they’re gonna make a new Scarface!  Deadline reports that Universal is developing a new film produced by Marc Shmuger and Martin Bregman (Bregman produced the 1983 version).  It will be neither a remake nor a sequel, but an amalgamation of the two.  I knew I had Steven Bauer on the brain (from this week’s sublime episode of Breaking Bad) for a reason.

Well, this took long enough.  There was a videogame several years ago, and it wasn’t incredibly well-received but it was at least the only hint of trying to cash in on the massive staying power of this film.  You would have thought remake-or-revisit hungry Hollywood would have set out to do this awhile ago.  And while the 1983 version was also apparently considered sacrilegious to even attempt compared to the 1932 Howard Hawks original, Hollywood is a lot worse now than it was 27 years ago and it’s even more typical nowadays.

The first film was Italian-centric; the second film was Cuban-centric; what ethnicity is gonna fall after the roll of the dice this time?

Prediction: rappers everywhere will campaign to star in it.