you go to Suicide Girls just to look at the naked skanks, you’re missing the best stuff, which is the work Daniel Robert Epstein is doing. Dan is a fantastic interviewer, and his stuff is always worth reading, and he’s pretty good at scoring exclusives with interesting people. His latest is Greg Rucka, novelist and comic book writer. Rucka’s best known for his recent DC Comics work like OMAC Project and 52, but his great stuff is small press, including the astonishing Queen and Country and Whiteout, a crime book set in – believe it or not – Antartica. Dan talked to Rucka about Private Wars, the latest Q&C novel (a letdown, I thought), and brought up the long-developing movie version of Whiteout – the answer was surprising.

DRE: What’s the status of the Whiteout movie?

Rucka: There should be an announcement about Whiteout being made in the next couple of weeks. There’s talk about actually filming something as early as October of this year.

DRE: Do they have a director?

Rucka: They have a production company and they have a very powerful producer behind it.

DRE: How involved are you going to be with it?

Rucka: I suspect I’m going to be involved in the sense of “here’s the script, stay out of our way.”

DRE: [laughs] Alexander Stuart is credited on the IMDB with the screenplay, is he still working on it?

Rucka: Nope. I’m actually not even certain which screenplay they’re working off of. I believe there’s going to be a new screenplay using elements of the first one that was written by the Hoeber brothers way back when.

Read the rest of the interview right here. One day remind me to tell you the story of how I got "escorted" out of a Suicide Girls party.