acsI watched Hustle & Flow again recently and it still amazed me. I don’t want to overestimate a director’s talents based on one film, but with that movie Craig Brewer proved himself to be someone worth noting. And he seems determined to be someone who keeps working – the director is already setting up his next movie, to follow Black Snake Moan, the Samuel L Jackson movie he has hitting this summer.

The new film is called Maggie Lynn, and it seems a lot like it could be considered the third film in a series for Brewer. Hustle & Flow was about Memphis rap, while Black Snake Moan is about a Memphis bluesman. Maggie Lynn is yet another Memphis music movie – this time about country music (a genre I have been getting very, very much in to lately). The title character has her heart broken and returns home to Memphis, where she finds self-worth playing country music in dank honky tonks with her brother.

There’s not much else known – if Brewer has any casting in mind he’s keeping it under his hat. The film is supposed to start production this year, though, so we may know more soon. In the meantime, I’m excited to see Black Snake Moan. Even if it’s not a great film (and I have heard mixed things), it sounds like a real, honest effort and not just a director coasting on his first big success.