I’m envious of our chums over at JoBlo — not only are they over in France ogling movies and breasts at Cannes, but they also just got quote-blurbed and an exclusive poster for one of the better horror movies in recent memory.

The rather innovative poster (click it for the whole Dali dealy) is for Neil Marshall’s spelunking nightmare The Descent, a movie that squeezed sufficient fright from me to make my favorites list for last year. The flick sends a sextet of adventurous babes into a network of uncharted caves, where they happen to encounter a savage and very hungry gang of lost links in the evolutionary chain.

Marshall brings the practical effects of his previous film Dog Soldiers and utilizes some disturbingly effective use of sound and darkness to make a rare beast: a genuinely scary movie (my advice to claustrophobic viewers — stay the fuck home). While the flick skittered into theaters last year in the UK, Lionsgate is bringing it to the US this August (with a few snips). Trust me, it’s much better than The Cave.