After years of snatching rocks and taming the West on the 70s show Kung Fu (and again on some made-for-TV movies… and then again on a syndicated series in the 90s), shaven-skulled martial artist Kwai Chang Caine is making his way to theaters courtesy of Warner Bros.

The original series starred David Carradine (who somehow won the role over Bruce Lee) as a Shaolin Monk turned altruistic vagabond (or as some might call him, "a bum") who meanders across America using mastery of open-handed combat to protect the innocent and smash the crap out of gun-wielding villains.

The new flick comes courtesy of Legendary Pictures, who snatched a script from the hands of series creator Ed Spielman and writer Howard Friedlander. While Carradine is approximately 83 years too old to take the starring role in the movie, perhaps he can do yet another ironic turn as the replacement Grasshopper’s master.