It’s been so long that my specific memories have mostly faded, but I still to this day remember the state of awe in which I sat watching Cirque Du Soleil’s O in Las Vegas. From the curtain that billowed out over the audience in what seemed like an impossible manner to the incredible over-water stunts… it’s something I’ve always wanted to return to whenever I had the time and resources as an adult. O celebrated its 6,000th performance earlier this year, and while I’ve never seen Ka, that much newer show has been called the most “lavish production in the history of Western theater.” Before now you would have to venture to Nevada and hit either the Bellagio or the MGM Grand respectively to see the respective productions, but James Cameron and director Andrew Adamson (Shrek/Shrek 2, Narnia/Narnia 2) will soon change that.

Using Cameron and Vincent Pace’s now famed 3D camera system, Adamson has comprehensively shot both productions for an as-yet-untitled film that still requires a distribution partner. The documentary (I guess? Performance film maybe?) will get you up close to the action, as this was not a 12th row, center kind of shoot.

“The 3D camera gets right up there with the performers, you feel the height when they are performing 90 feet above the floor. You see the amazing physicality of the performance–the strength, the grace, the beauty.”

That’s James Cameron discussing how the shoot put cameras right up on stage and amongst the sets and rigs. Frankly, this would be cool enough just capturing the performances, but having the chance to get up in the guts of these shows is unmissable. Apparently they also used a new underwater version of the 3D set-up, so I’m sure they’ve got some cool new stuff from the water-based O. I can only imagine the impressive footage they’ve been able to capture from these shows that contain stunts and costumes like nothing else you’ll see anywhere. I have no idea if they’re planning to cut much of a story into it (Ka is one of the few Cirque shows with anything resembling a story), but this will surely be a visual feast.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for distribution details and any footage they put out. For now, you can check out trailers for the two shows below (though they do them absolutely no justice).

Have you ever seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, or would you be interested in check one out for the first time in a 3D theater? Let us know in the comments, on the boards, or via twitter.

Source | THR