Mouth Taped Shut has posted a new ad design for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and it’s pretty great.  It would make sense that one of the few movies this year that doesn’t need to do much to get me into theaters would have the best advertising.  With David Fincher’s name attached I’m already sold, and if you’re a CHUD reader that’s probably true for you too (forgive me for assuming if I’m wrong and you want to be one of those contrarians who likes finding faults in popular directors’ work).  The book was sluggish and while I enjoyed it I could never understand the fevered excitement that surrounded the series, and the original movie survived on the performance of Noomi Rapace, but beyond that felt like the tv movie that it was.  Fincher has worked with better source material in the past, but if anyone can elevate the material its him.  If the movie is as interesting as its advertising has been (how could it not?) then December can’t come soon enough. Thanks to BadAssDigest for the heads up.