Back around Comic Con you probably heard a lot about a panel for Film District, who still had both Don‘t Be Afraid of the Dark and Drive yet to release, that ended up becoming a classic conversation between two filmmakers. We’ve long known Guillermo as a human being that should just be perpetually talking about film for our amusement, but Refn is gathering more and more of a reputation for being a striking conversationalist as well (he’s as fond of dropping “fuck” into the conversation as much Del Toro, for sure).

The two gathered here to discuss some hardcore filmmaking philosophies, their films, and much more to an enraptured audience. I’m just now digging in myself and I couldn’t be more excited. So take a listen for yourself and try and keep your hand out of your pants if you’re at work…

Also, if you want beautiful nightmares, just play all these clips at once.

(Thanks to /Film and Casey Moore)