After years of kneeling before the comic book gods (I think Dormammu was maybe in there somewhere), little Nicky Coppola’s prayers were finally answered, and thus he was set aflame.

Marvel’s Ghost Rider has been sputtering to the starting line for a long time, but now the fiery seeker of vengeance has been fully realized through dubious digital trickery and a questionable hairpiece. And hey, remember Wes Bentley?

Director Mark Steven Johnson tries to atone for Daredevil with his latest comic book adaptation (Blade guy Steve Norrington was previously tuning up the Hellcycle), in which Nic Cage plays motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze, who shares his body with a hot-headed spirit that blasts bad guys with hellfire and drives up walls. Also hot: Eva Mendes.

The Sony movie finished filming about a year ago (there was a big presentation at last year’s San Diego Comic Con), but has since been dumped into February 2007. Though I’m sure the significant delay is to "finish up the complicated special effects".