Evan Almighty, as you may know, is the sequel to Bruce Almighty; this time Steve Carrell plays a guy who gets the full on Noah treatment and has to build himself an ark (not of the covenant variety). CHUD reader Stew sends us these four pictures with the attached note:

This is Stew from the boards.

I visited some family this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia and was informed they are filming "Evan Almighty" just outside of town. And apparently, they have been building the huge ark that we’ve heard about in the plot descriptions, along with some houses. So I went and took a look, and some pictures of this thing. It is is huge, as you can see in the pictures. Absolutely massive. I haven’t seen anything about this online anywhere, so I thought this might be a cool scoop for the site if you choose to run it.

Absolutely massive is right. It’s impressive that the filmmakers are going with a practical ark as opposed to building a small part and filling the rest in with CG at a later date. But the question is, are they building it the right size? How many cubits is that thing? This is the sort of niggling detail that’s pretty important to Biblical fanboys.