I’ve raved about Supernatural in past TV and DVD reviews here.  For me, it nicely filled a hole left by the too soon departure of Angel back in 2004.  Great mythology, new spins on old monsters and new ones you’ve probably never heard of, along with the Winchester bromance of course.  The end of Season 6 saw Spoiler: Dean and Sam’s higher-power angel buddy, Castiel, absorb all the souls in Purgatory and essentially becoming the new God.  End Spoiler.  And from what we see in the clip below (actually, it’s a picture of a clip that takes you to said exclusive clip over at TVLine), it seems what they say about Spoiler absolute power End Spoiler is looking to be the case.  So click it and head over there to check it out.  Supernatural returns next Friday, 9/23 on the CW at 9:00/8:00.