I’m wondering if George Romero’s kids needed therapy when they were young.  Because if he broke open something like Deadtime Stories when he was tucking them in, I’m thinking the youngsters had some long nights ahead of them.  Romero’s Deadtime Stories 2 is coming to DVD next Tuesday, 9/20 from Millennium Entertainment, and in anticipation of that, we’ve received three clips from the anthology horror film.  The synopsis:

The second volume of this two-volume set from horror master George Romero consists of an anthology of three 30-minute nail-biting horror films from writer Jeff Monahan (Lone Star), who also directs alongside Michael Fischa, Matt Walsh and Marty Schiff:

  • THE GORGE: Three best friends go hiking on a fun morning expedition when a sudden avalanche leaves them trapped in a cave with no way out. Now imprisoned in a living nightmare, how long can the three survive before they begin to turn on each other?
  • ON SABBATH HILL: A chilling tale about a handsome playboy professor who is a stickler for student attendance. When his wandering affections cause a female admirer to commit suicide, his stern attendance rules come back to haunt him. Literally.
  • DUST: When a scientist at a high-tech space lab discovers dust from the planet Mars might have the ability to cure cancer, a security guard steals a sample for his terminally ill wife. What at first appears to be a miracle cure turns into an unimaginable horror.

You can check out the three clips below and the trailer.  On a personal note: Grampa George, will you read me a Creepshow III before I go to bed?