James Franco is like any of the major artists we follow that ends up with a ridiculous slate of projects filled with more things than any person could possibly complete. The difference here is that Franco actually produces these projects at a ridiculous pace, and could theoretically complete them all in his lifetime. Or you know, the next six months.

Summing up the update from our last coverage of his intense schedule, and the updates¬† We Got This Covered has now collected, he’s got:

Night Stalker – Serial killer film he is associated with directing.

Broken TowerHart Crane film he’s apparently completed directing.

Sweet Bird of Idaho – Acting gig alongside Nicole Kidman

A documentary about Kink.com ???

Memories of Idaho – the bizarre, two-part art piece he completed with Gus Van Sant

Sal – Sal mineo film that he’s already completed (shot in 9 days) and just debuted at Venice.

A documentary about his time spent on the General Hospital soap opera.

As I Lay Dying – Was trying to get this started at the same time as…

Blood Meridian – On hold, but they shot a test that impressed Scott Rudin and led to him being involved in…

Child of God. The latest of Franco’s projects, this is an adaptation of slightly less high-profile Cormac McCarthy book about a man who removes himself from society (literally living in caves) and devolving. He’d be directing.

This comes from Franco himself, who confirms the Blood Meridian test happened, went well, and led to this new project. I feel like Franco has directed a dozen things and that I’ve seen none of them– are they all up-their-own-ass festival pieces, or is he a fully-fledged filmmaker ready to be tackling books from an author that has proven notoriously difficult to adapt by all but the best living directors?

I hope to get an idea soon as more of these things keep trickling out, but I do hope that Franco slows his supernatural pace just a little bit if he’s going to try and tackle McCarthy. That’s not some shit you just rush through, no matter how innately brilliant and driven you may be.

Any of those projects you’re particularly interested to see? Think he’s got the chops to handle a book like Child of God?

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