Anyone who’s been following our coverage of Grind House (catch up RIGHT HERE!) knows who they can expect to see killing and/or killed by the crazed zombies of Robert Rodriguez’s Project Terror (which the trade is still calling Planet Terror, but we’re pretty sure it’s Project), but the news has finally arrived in an official capacity.

For your official edification: Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, Michael Parks, Marley Shelton, Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan and Josh Brolin are among the cast (as is Tom Savini, who despite not being mentioned in Variety apparently has a meaty role). One name on the list that’s new to us is Black Eyed Peas femme Stacy Ferguson, who along with the financiers and audience was among the victims of Poseidon.

The big news, however, is that the release date has been bounced from its initial September release (and then to December) all the way back to Easter weekend (The Passion of the Grind?) of 2007 — quite a protracted boner for those of us with inordinate anticipation for the Rodriguez/Tarantino exploitation smash-up.

Variety also states that casting hasn’t been announced for Death Proof, Tarantino’s half of the double-feature, but if THIS RIGHT HERE is any indication, Mickey Rourke will be playing the flick’s car enthusiast/homicidal maniac, and stunt hottie Zoë Bell will be our heroine.