You can have your DiCaprio/Scorsese and your Bridges/Coens. I love those teams to death but my favorite current pairing of director and star is most definitely David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen. It’s more volatile. More unpredictable. And it’s not bound nearly as much by expectations and commerce. The idea of Cronenberg and Mortensen revisiting the world of Eastern Promises is insanely cool [though I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I’d prefer another jaunt into A History of Violence, one of my top ten of the past decade]. It’s been rumored for years and while it’s not a certainty Viggo Mortensen seems to think it’ll happen. That’s a notch better than an endorsement from most actors, as Viggo has no use or care for hyperbole or faux promotion.

While doing the rounds as A Dangerous Method (the Viggonenberg Freud flick) gets seen by festivalfolk, Viggo said this to Fandango in reference to an Eastern Promises sequel:

“I think that’s still a possibility, but something we’ll definitely do together I’m sure and I’m looking forward to it already, whatever it is.”

Imagine a nakedfight franchise. A series of movies about a kickass Russian man who in each installment hurts people and at some point gets into a massive nakedfight. It’ll be Cronenberg and Viggo’s “Bourne”. Eventually we’d get bi-annual installments where Viggo nakedfights on aircraft carriers, in subterranean caverns, on the moon, and then most crazily during the halftime at the Super Bowl.

Tickets bought.