Munich If you’ve been on the fence about Steven Spielberg’s Munich, I suppose now’s the optimal time where we’d detonate that indecision. Why? We’re giving away a couple of copies of its DVD, courtesy of our friends at Universal.

As you may already know, Spielberg’s film is an assured cinematographic explosion of greatness (although Devin semi-disagreed in his review here), continuing his desire to poke and prod our own belief system on the nature of Terrorism, vengeance, and complex human emotion. Tony Kushner and Eric Roth’s screenplay asks some fairly hard questions about Avner (Eric Bana) and his crew; each one assigned with rooting out and decimating the Black September Terrorist faction through any means necessary. The somber narrative isn’t remotely like any other Spielberg film you’ve seen – in fact, he received quite a lot of unfounded criticism about this from both sides, a caveat he discusses matter-of-factly on his introduction to the movie (on both the Widescreen and Limited Edition discs). Simply put, Munich demands discussion from all parties even if you might disagree.

So, how do you get your conflicted digits on the single Widescreen DVD? Simple. Send me an e-mail with your answer to the following question. All replies must have your NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, and MUNICH DVD in the e-mail’s subject line. Mail your answer to:

And answer this question:

Given all the recent films dissecting our more modern themes based around the subject of Terrorism (like Syriana, Paradise Now, United 93, 4 Little Girls, and even Munich), which one do you think succeeds the best in projecting its message?

Remember to make sure to include all of the information above with your response. Entries without will be summarily terminated like the scallywag it is. Like others, this contest runs for exactly one week with winners notified shortly thereafter. Personally, Munich’s a great film, arguably one of Spielberg’s best.

That said, good luck!