So we’ve known the Evil Dead remake was happening for some time. After all the seeming starts and stops, interview dodges from Raimi and Campbell, and general mixed message, the thing is happening with Diablo Cody updating the script and Fede Alvarez directing. There’s money and a studio behind it, and it’s happening the way remakes happen. That hasn’t confirmed one way or another how the old crew would be involved, if at all, with the biggest question remaining will Bruce Campbell play Ash?

According to Campbell himself, he won’t play Ash (and neither will anyone else) because the character doesn’t appear in the script.

“No Ash character currently.”

He also reiterates that this is a remake rather than a sequel.

I have very little doubt that Bruce Campbell will wind up in this Evil Dead movie someway somehow, in at least the smallest of cameos. If we’re to believe the geekery of all involved, that just can’t not happen. What this does suggest though, is that they’ve really gone in a different direction for this remake, with new characters and new heroes. Which is the best possible move for an inherently questionable endeavor… re-casting Ash just plain isn’t worth it.

Do you agree? Have any faith at all that they’ll do something interesting with the idea and title? And how likely do you think it is that Ash will show up at some point?

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Source | Shock Til You Drop (via Total Film)