like staying indoors tonight? If so, take a peek at G4TV’s Attack of the Show! to see myself, Film Threat’s Chris Gore, and one of Premiere Magazine’s luminaries discussing this year’s crop of summer movies. Will it be biting and incisive? I have no clue. All I know is that you’ll probably get some skinny on mutants and guys in tights as well as goateed cops and animated cyberpunks.

In my three year flirtation with TV, Attack of the Show! (and their Filter, my segment airs in June) has best represented the vibe on the tube. Granted, CNN Headline News reached out to kajillions, but I wasn’t really able to crack many semen jokes there. In one episode of Attack of the Show! (I apologize for my horrid shirt) I cracked three.

Semen + TV = Good.

So, please pop on and watch, even if for nothing else than to watch me be a lot thicker than the gentleman above who hosts the show. Here’s their website for details.