I don’t think there’s ever been any genuine mystery about JJ Abram’s return to the Federation. He may have gotten a little drunk with resources and eagerness that made him go off and make his undercooked Spielberg fanwank, but there’s never been any real reason to think he wouldn’t stumble back to the bridge, slump in his chair, and distractedly wave the ship into warp-speed while nursing a headache, grumpy Kirk-style.

In fact, at the beginning of the summer we were already hearing about the writers sitting on their hands waiting for him to emerge from behind Super 8 to approve of their work, and as recently as August he was letting everyone know about “big talks” and meetings that were occurring as they got their shit together. It’s true that Star Trek has upended its date, leaving the June 29th spot to GI Joe and leaving its own date in the air, but nothing has indicated that JJ wouldn’t be back.

Well now you can be absolutely, positively sure with news from Vulture that they have confirmed his confirmation of something that never felt that up in the air. Of course, they try and create the illusion of doubt…

In July, reports elsewhere surfaced that Abrams was “moving towards a commitment” to direct the sequel (which, of course, is Internet for “hasn’t committed yet”)

Sure guys, it was totally a big mysterious double talk, thanks for shining the light.

Since this is ultimately coming from an “inside source” and does make mention of eyeballs being on JJ as he signed a contract or something, I don’t think this is much more substantial than JJ flat out talking about pre-production a mere month ago. That said, I’m sure for those that agree that Abrams’ direction was the strongest part of the reboot, any good news is good news.

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