The last few days have brought us all kinds of new material from my most anticipated movie of the fall/winter.. David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A few days ago it was the appearance of a typically moody, wonderfully textural piece of Trent Reznor’s score for the film…

…and then it was the creation of the Mouth Taped Shut twitter feed, which is an extension of the Tumblr account of the same name. The two are essentially the production blog/viral marketing arm of the film, and the new twitter feed started out by sending message about something mysterious happening in different cities. Well-timed retweets resulted in invitations to screenings tonight that will have the new 8-minute extended trailer attached to them. I was able to snag an invite to the one in Atlanta, but will unfortunately have to be at another screening– the trailer has shown in LA though, so descriptions are already leaking out. What’s described is a more character-focused trailer that doesn’t blaze through imagery like the original trailer, but shows off some beautiful shots and spotlights a few of the key players. The reactions have been almost uniformly enthusiastic, with special attention being paid to Reznor’s score (which is apparently very different than his Social Network pieces), the cold and hard-edged RED photography, and some elaborate camerawork on top of it.

If all this isn’t enough to start retriggering anticipation for the film, another energetically promoted film has jumped on and contributed to the buzz… The Muppets.

As they’ve done since they first started releasing trailer, The Muppets team has put out another trailer parody, this time aggressively aping the Dragon Tattoo teaser trailer. Their music is obviously quite different (a fact that they draw attention to), but they’ve done a nice job of re-color timing their footage and cutting a similarly paced montage. It’s very cute.

It also comes a new poster (decidedly more G-rated than the one to which it is paying tribute).

Enjoy this stuff, and let us know what you think on twitter, in the comments, or on the boards.

(via Collider)