Paris , 2010. An isolation wall surrounds the ghetto
cities. Without rules or laws, gangs reign here as absolute masters, and he who
does not die first wins a reprieve, while awaiting his

Damien is a member of the elite police task force. Special intervention unit officer and
expert in martial arts, he is a past master in the field of infiltration, and
well versed in successfully completing his operations through rapid, precise and
often strong-arm actions.

This time, the government has assigned him the most extreme
expedition of his entire career: a weapon of mass destruction has been stolen by
the most powerful gang of District B13.

Assigned to infiltrate the sector to defuse the bomb, Damien must
join hands with Leïto, whose sole goal is to save his sister, who has fallen
into the hands of the same gang. He
is, moreover, the only one who knows District B13 like the back of his

But the story is not so simple. Who exactly works for whom? Where are
those who really pull the strings hiding? And above all, who profits from the
use of this bomb?

That is the premise for the martial arts/sci-fi flick District B-13, one readers in Atlanta can see for free and early at the end of the month if they have the time and desire to grab an envelope, address it to, 4915 Camberbridge Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30022 and stick a self-addressed, stamped envelope inside of that one and mail it. Then, I’ll shove a pass into the empty envelope and send it back on its merry way to you. It’s that simple!

Known as Banlieue 13 overseas, this flick features Parkour, the martial arts/extreme sport/transportation technique of bounding around the place jumping and climbing and flipping around like batshit that Americans are learning about through commercials. The presence of stunts badass Cyril Raffaelli in the main role makes it a must-see. So, Atlanta folks, get your envelopes started.

Looks like a fun flick, the kind we don’t often get in theaters too often.