csaWoody Allen’s next film (not Scoop, hitting theaters this year. His next, next film, which is still not officially titled) will have some bright lights on the marquee: Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor are starring.

The film will be shot in London, Woody’s third picture in a row there. He was set to make a movie in Spain, but the funding got fucked, and the whole picture was dropped. That’s right, he didn’t just move the film to London (which is what he seemed to do with Match Point, a movie that barely seems to have anything to do with the UK), he dropped it altogether. Poor David Krumholtz, who was starring.

The new film is about two brothers with money problems. Someone recommends a life of crime to them and this causes a rift. I hope Woody is casting against type and making Colin the brother who doesn’t want a life of crime, but since I know that his casting process is incredibly perfunctory, I bet Ewan’s the nice one. Tom Wilkinson also stars.

It’s nice to see that Woody can still get big names to appear in his films, but I would rather see him going after actors who can work with his methods. I foresee potential issues between the hands-off director and his new caterpillar eyebrowed star.