I’m pretty much solely a poster guy when it comes to physically owning acoutremount related to my favorite films, but the crossover between film buffs and collection-inclined geekery has created quite the market for film toys, shirts, sticker, patches, etc. etc. Unfortunately for those who like to own a little piece of the movies they love, one geek favorite Moon, hasn’t had the ability to merchandise and create the cups and thongs and hoodies that many would like to see. That could be changing, and you can take action to make sure it does.

Duncan Jones himself tweeted a link to a poll on the still active Moon blog with some follow up explanation that Sony may have finally realized the long-term value of the film, and is open to the idea of merchandising. Apparently they needed to see 500+ people excited about merchandise to make moves. That number has long since been accumulated on the poll, but it seems to me like this is a good chance to speak up and show your support for the film in a general way– really drive home the point to Sony that Moon means something to us and that we’ll show it the only way to which they’ll pay attention. Yes corporate studio, we’ll buy your cheaply made trinkets with inflated prices in the hopes that a few dimes reach the filmmaker…

Now this isn’t much of a grand crusade, petitioning for Moon toys, so I’d suggest you go do a couple of charitable petitions or donate a few bucks to something important first. After that though, feel no guilt for supporting a great movie that is finding it’s life on home video, as so many great ones have.

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