casRob Lowe left NBC’s The West Wing (now come to an end) a couple of seasons ago to focus on his movie career. A look at his IMDB shows what a great idea that was – his resume is littered with failed TV series and movies you never heard of. It’s tough when you’re a graduate of the David Caruso School.

But now Rob’s getting his chance back on the big screen. Sadly it’s a sequel to A Stir of Echoes, the Kevin Bacon movie that almost single handedly defined “Serviceable.” Lowe will be starring as an Iraq vet who comes home and sees the dead everywhere. So current! I wonder if he helps them vote, Joe Dante style. Or if seeing the dead means catching himself on West Wing repeats.

The film is being written and directed by Ernie Barbaresh, the guy behind Cube Zero – the THIRD Cube film, and one which I didn’t even know existed. He also produced the 9 ½ Weeks prequel! Which I understand has nothing to do with9 ½ Weeks. To give the guy the one bright spot on his credits, though, he also produced American Psycho (pssst… and American Psycho II. Yikes!).