It’s nice to see that a few acting awards aren’t enough to scare William H. Macy away from the gratuitously grotesque.

The increasingly busy guy will lend his prodigious lobes to House of Re-Animator, the fourth flick in the Lovecraftian series of revived cadavers. Macy will play a bumbling United States President who croaks during his stint in the White House, leading his staff to call in loony Dr. Herbert West (played again by Jeffrey Combs, naturally) with his shaky medical science and syringe of glowing green goo to resuscitate the clueless Commander-in-Chief’s corpse (I assume that the movie’s alternatives in the chain-of-command succession are as grim as the real thing). As typically happens when the dead are brought back to life, things go horrifyingly awry. And with luck, people will be strangled with intestines.

The main crew of the original gleefully gruesome film are all returning — director Stuart Gordon, producer Brian Yuzna and writer Dennis Paoli. The goal is to make House the first of a new Re-Animator trilogy. Mamet regular Macy, meanwhile, will next be seen in about a hundred different things.