Deadwood ain’t a bad pot for Tarantino to pull from for his upcoming Southern, Django Unchained. He might be doing just that if the negotiations go through and Gerald McRaney joins the cast in an unknown role. The famously short-lived HBO show isn’t the only program that McRaney has been a part of, as he’s appeared in major series for decades, going all the way back to Gunsmoke where he appeared as the final gun-fighting guest star.

I wish there was more information to communicate, but the casting isn’t entirely official and there’s no suggestion of the part he would fill. Had I read the script like everyone and their dog’s intern, I could hazard a guess, but I’m hoping to enjoy this one untainted like the rest of you.

But oh yeah, Sam Jackson will be in the movie. We knew that, but now we know that. He’ll play a slave that acts as right-hand-man to Leonardo Dicaprio’s villainous slave owner.

Django isn’t now far off from actually rolling cameras, so expect more casting notices to start pouring out and spy shots to start leaking whether you want them to or not. If you need to catch up on the old rumors or the project itself before they do, I can help you with that.

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Source | Variety & Variety