cas I may have gotten to the age where I don’t find fart gags as funny as I once did, but putting a foreign language in a well-known actor’s mouth still makes me break down laughing. This has colored my first viewing of the German trailer for Oliver Stone’s entry in the 9/11 film festival, World Trade Center – the trailer is filled with Nic Cage spouting Master Race gibberish in a voice completely unlike his own (except for one bit they kept in English, where he’s in slo-mo and screams “Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun!”).

I don’t know enough about the vagaries of international marketing to comment much on how this trailer was cut, but I do know enough about Oliver Stone to say that this does not look like a movie by him – except perhaps for the really great shot of the shadow of a plane on a wall. Is World Trade Center Stone making nice and playing the big studio game? We won’t know for sure for a couple more months, but you can begin making your ill-informed judgments by watching this Aryan Ad on YouTube by clicking here.