casSuperman already took Bryan Singer away from the X-Men films. Will he now take the director away from his long-planned Logan’s Run update? It’s looking more and more likely as Warner Bros is panting to get Superman Returns II into production in 2007. Which, by the way, is an interesting contrast to the still-not-getting-started Batman Begins II.

Logan’s Run, meanwhile, is scheduled to start this fall, and that would mean Singer would have to direct the massive pantstentpole picture and then go immediately into the next Superman. It seems unlikely that he would want to take on such giant projects back to back.

No decision will be made until July, of course, once Superman Return’s box office receipts are better counted. Even if Singer decides to stick with the Man of Rubbery Jock, he’ll be involved in Logan on some level. He’s been developing the script for a long time with producer Joel Silver, so he’ll likely get a producer credit of some sort.

Coming Soon is reporting that James McTeigue, who did such a great job with V For Vendetta earlier this year, is attached to take over Logan’s Run if Singer leaves. I don’t know how true that is – McTeigue seems to be WB’s go-to-guy to fill holes; before Zack Snyder was semi-official on Watchmen, McTeigue’s name was being bandied about.