I’m not really sure how Buried got caught up in such a wave of hype and acclaim, but frankly I think it sucks. That’s not exactly a brave opinion but I know not everyone agrees with me out there, and filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés definitely got to follow up Buried with an expensive cast in his next film. Bob De Niro is the center of the film and the trailer, as a famous psychic being investigated by Sigourney Weaver’s psychologist character, and Cillian Murphy also does something along with Elisabeth Olson.

It’s quite possible Cortés has made a very interesting movie, but it’s not promised in any way by Buried. While that film was 100% successful at accomplishing its gimmicky goal, it’s only about 60% successful as an entertaining film that means anything. A nice showcase for Ryan Reynolds and filled with occasional cute tricks it may be, but solidly written or meaningful Buried is not. So will being untethered from a restrictive conceit free up Cortés to make interesting statements? I have no idea, and the trailer’s single shot and titles do nothing to tell me one way or another. It’s an effectively tense little announcement teaser, but it ends with dramatically revealing the presence of Robert De Niro, which unfortunately doesn’t really work anymore.

Well, maybe it is scary, but probably not for the reasons they’re hoping.

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