UPDATE: This is tonight! Like you’ve got anything better to do anyway!

As you might’ve seen us mention around here, the creators of CHUD fave Shaun of the Dead started with an equally ingenious UK television series called Spaced, about an aspiring comic artist (Shaun himself Simon Pegg) and a writer (series co-scribe Jessica Stevenson) who pretend to be married in order to get a London apartment for professional couples only. The entire hilarious run, loaded with more comic and genre film references than anyone could count, was directed by Shaun virtuoso Edgar Wright.

While a domestic DVD release is nowhere on the horizon due to various legal matters (although as our Devin has stated, the UK collectors edition DVD alone justifies buying a code-free DVD player), the show will still make it to these shores thanks to the magic of broadband and satellite (it previously aired a couple years ago on the now sadly defunct Trio).

If you’re fortunate enough to have the channel BBC America as part of your cable package, you can catch the show in the US starting Friday June 23 at 11pm. Judging by the late night showings and cable station, I assume the episodes will run uncut and unedited (swearing and tits are okay with Brits!).

Meanwhile, the main men of Spaced and Shaun are finishing up principal photography on their latest likely masterpiece, the cop satire Hot Fuzz.