This contest is going to treat your childhood just fine.

Today marks the day that Star Wars goes blu. It’s a special day for many, the arrival of the (still) most beloved film franchise in all of history. Now in its mid-30’s the George Lucas mega-sensation continues to evolve into so many forms of media it’s impossible to keep track of it all. Movies, TV, toys, games, clothing, art, and every conceivable bit of marketing that exists. And new fans are born daily, falling in love with the characters and music and possibilities just as wide-eyed and thrilled as many of us were back when it was all brand new.

Boiled down to just the films there’s no denying that these films are juggernauts. Even the Prequels. Cynics, myself included, all have a take on these films but they are the very essence of what constitutes an “Event”.

Today is no different as these films arrive in the most pristine condition they’ve ever been in. And as expected, with some new tinkering in play. Yoda is no longer a puppet in the first film but rather a CGI creation. Greedo still shoots first, but it’s been cleaned up.

But the bottom like is that Star Wars is here on Blu-ray. And most of you will want it, whether for yourself or for the children you’ve raised right.

Though we’d be thrilled if everyone who doesn’t win buys it from our Amazon link, we have a copy of this set for one of you lucky dogs and all you have to do is be kind enough as to click around our site(s) a little and give us a little hand on the social media side. Here’s what to do:

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  • Lastly, I want to know your first Star Wars experience. The year. What it was. How it made you feel. I was one of the lucky ones who saw it back in its first run theatrically both in a regular theater and at the drive-in. Many times. In fact, even my least favorite in the series I’ve seen more than once. I believe I saw Return of the Jedi the most times, but that’s because I was an addict by then.

Using the link below, pop those answers in and please include your mailing address so the product just doesn’t sit around all lonely.