Everyone has their take on the works of M. Night Shyamalan. Especially furious extraterrestrials who enjoy a nice glass of water. Mine has been repeated ad nauseum on here, but I have problems with his stuff but at the same time am sometimes in awe of what he’s capable of. Despite their flaws, Signs and Unbreakable are some of my favorite movies of the past decade or so. Super Troopers is as well, so judge me accordingly.

Here’s the poster for his latest, Lady in the Water. Billed as a bedtime story, I hope it doesn’t put me to sleep like The Village did. As you all know, it’s about Paul Giamatti finding a water nymph in his pool, which pretty much ruins my dream of doing a flick about a guy who drowns nymphomaniacs in Paul Giamatti’s hot tub, but what the hey.

It feels too Narnia for me, but I am a heathen.