Since last summer’s actioner Stealth slammed into the earth with all the velocity of declining box office receipts, director Rob Cohen’s been keeping a relatively low profile (thanks in part to his big-budget Sinbad movie with Keanu Reeves getting put into dry-dock).

But he hasn’t lost his affinity for people punching and kicking each other while shitty alterna-metal plays in the background, so he’s taking the helm of Arrow for Warner Bros. The only info given so far is that the story is set in “the world of mixed martial arts”, which I assume means some sort of non-Kumite tournaments.

Given Cohen’s recently unreliable profitability, expect the movie to be a modestly budgeted affair filled with unfamiliar and therefore low-priced talent. Which I suppose leaves that much more cash available for needless CGI shots and crap-rock soundtrack. Maybe William Zabka and Michael Dudikoff can play dueling coaches! Ah, one can dream…

Cohen is currently working with a different sort of excess with the biopic Big Bosoms and Square Jaws, based on the life of filmmaker/tit-wrangler Russ Meyer.