Way back before he became the best electrician in wrestling or whatever, The Rock™ got himself noticed on the football field. Now many years later, he’s graduated from throwing sweaty men around to acting, but he’s still interested in gripping the pigskin once more.

Though I’d rather see him shooting aliens or punching large stuntmen, in Sony’s ghetto football flick Gridiron Gang, Mr. Johnson is a probation officer who rounds up juvenile criminals and smacks them into shape as a proficient football squad to compete against local high schools. Braided raptor Xzibit is his assistant coach, to lend a suitable quantity of “cred”. It’s also an excellent source of daily Leon Rippy.

Director Phil Joanou, who previously helmed the Penn/Oldman gangster flick State of Grace and the underrated 80s flick Three O’Clock High, is calling the plays for the punks. The movie (based on a true story) opens in mid-September, conveniently timed to help kick off football season.