So here’s the deal:

If Drive ain’t the best movie of the year, it’s damn close. If you’ve seen it, you probably love it and if you haven’t, you probably will.

CHUD wants you to be as badass as Ryan Gosling’s nameless character when you crank up your car and outdrive your own personal Albert Brookses and Ron Perlmans. To do so we’re going to be giving away a few items that will tool you up right nice to slide behind the wheel and cruise your local sodium-lamp-lit streets. We’ve got everything you need, short of a bullet, a hammer, and a dude’s forehead.

Here’s what we got…

• First of all, we’re going to put the film in front of you with a Run-Of-Engagement pass good for 2 people.

•Then we’re going to class-up your driving ensemble with a pair of high-quality driving gloves, which the Driver is never seen without.

• A Drive keychain will make sure your keys are never mistaken for a civilian’s.

• Finally, a USB thumbdrive and a Drive car charger will make sure you’re the cutting-edge getaway driver around.

To enter the contest, simply shoot me an email with your name, address, and some kind of solid evidence that you retweeted this contest, or shared it on your Facebook (liking the page is great, but a share makes us smile!).

Good luck.