Some of the more notable elements of Michael Mann’s influential and distinctly 1980s Miami Vice TV series appear to be have found their way into the new feature, specifically the expensive cars, questionable but fashionable facial hair, cigarette boats and undercover agents getting romantically entangled with criminals. Curiously absent: pet alligator.

I’m still not quite excited about this movie for some reason (though Mann’s Collateral has really grown on me, almost surpassing Heat), but the new trailer does remind us that he definitely knows how to shoot a film, and that Linkin Park sucks.

The 21st century update of Mann’s flourescent-colored, linen-clad cop show apparently involves special detectives Colin "Crockett" Farrell and Jamie "Tubbs" Foxx trying to bust an international crime ring led by a gorgeous Chinese/Cuban woman (Gong Li).