You may have noticed that this entry is a bit later than normal, I started a new job this week and this is the first time I have had space to breathe and time to think.  Anyway enough of that and on with the show.

I want to to talk a bit this week about something that I feel is important to the married man,  a space to call his own,  a space to store his crap – what I affectionately refer to as a Man-Cave.

Now the man cave comes in many different forms; For many (like me) it’s a room in the house where he can game, write and admire all the pointless tat he has purchased over the years.   For others it’s a shed, with a kettle*, beer fridge and a comfy old chair, a place he can sit and relax while pretending to do some chores.  There is also the allotment, where a man can grow vegetables and feel like he is providing food for the family**

Whatever it’s shape the Man-Cave is essistial to the modern gent. The rest of the house is designed as a couple but this is truly his. It’s his little mini kingdom where there is no compromise and the layout and decor is all his.  The woman in his life is allowed in by invatation only and knows to leave well alone everything contained within.

Of course that last sentence is total bollocks. I for example finally set my study up the way I wanted it last night and have returned from walking my dog this morning to find it looking like a chinese laundry. Apparently as it’s raining this is the only room we can dry clothes.  My Man-Cave also doubles as a guest room so it contains a spare bed and all the the spare linen and towels. Oh and most of my clothes as there is not enough room in the bedroom wardrobe for hers and mine.

When I am a millionaire (or rule the world) I shall have a proper Man-Cave. Complete with rows upon rows of leather bound books, a big desk and free standing globe that opens to reveal bottles of Brandy and Whisky. It will have a bit flat screen TV a massive comfy sofa and full Sky TV package. It will have a whole wall full of DVDs and glass cases full of movie props and memorabilia……

…….But until that day I will settle for what I’ve got, some peace and quiet surronded by my stuff, a dog snoozing at my feet and the smell of clean linen drying next to me.

*actually that’s a good idea I must buy one for in here

**And sit in a shed with a kettle and comfy chair